Coach Kenzie

Running hasn’t always come easy for me. There was a time when I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. I was always told that a person is capable of much more than your body and mind tells you. That has always rang true for me and I feel it is the same with everyone. With dedication, a solid mindset and steady focus, we are all capable of more than we realize. Whether it be running, or some other pursuit in life, we should all chase after our dreams and goals and do what we can to make them a reality. Running requires a large amount of physical preparation, however it requires just as much, if not more mental training. If you can overcome your mind, your potential is endless.

I started off by running 5k’s and I remember vividly how scared I was to run my first 10k race because I thought it was so far. However, I took that step and continued to build on my race distance and running ability overall. It took time and it wasn’t necessarily comfortable, but today I enjoy running ultra marathons and have found that running brings me a sense of happiness and fulfillment that I have yet to find anywhere else in this world. My dream is to help you overcome your fears, accomplish your goals, and discover the joy in running.


A little about myself…

I am a rancher in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The desolate area in which I live has played a strong role in helping me find my passion for running. Cows and windmills are plentiful, however people, not so much. Running is a large part of my life that is easily self supported and with plentiful cow trails, the possibilities are endless!

I am a certified RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Level 1 running coach that enjoys running ultra trail distances from 30-50 miles. Besides running, my hobbies include reading, traveling, and baking.



  • 2017 Black Hills 30k- Overall; 20 GP; 4 AG; 2
  • 2017 Lean Horse 50k- Overall; 8 GP; 4 AG; 1
  • 2017Bohemian Alps 50k- Overall; 6 GP; 1 AG; 1
  • 2018 Bighorn Mountain 52 miler- Overall; 88 GP; 27 AG; 8
  • 2018 Bohemian Alps 50k- Overall; 10 GP; 4 AG; 1
  • 2018 Goatz Trail Runs 50k- Overall; 21 GP;14 AG; 2
  • 2019 Arches Ultra 50 miler- Overall; 47 GP; 8 AG; 1
  • 2019 Dirtbag Runner’s Ambassador
  • 2019 RADrabbit Crew Member