Your People

Update from Nebraska; its still frigid, more snow is on the way, and that groundhog was full of shit. My love affair with my treadmill is soaring to new heights 😊 and my podcast game is strong. In case you’re looking for a new podcast, here are a few of my suggestions; The GaryVee Audio Experience, Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Ginger Runner Live.

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding the importance of people we surround ourselves with. I think all too often we get so wrapped up in the rat race of life that we forget that the people around us make all the difference.

When I consider the people I’ve surrounded myself with, they’re usually inspiring, genuine, motivating, and can be described by a list of other admirable traits. They challenge me, they don’t let disagreements stifle our friendship, and they speak the truth, no matter how brutal it may be.

Whether it be a professional relationship or a personal relationship, I make sure those around me are driven. I’ve always had big dreams/goals, and I like to make sure that my people are also dream chasers. Excitement is contagious, and I believe it is beneficial to have people in your circle that have a certain enthusiasm for life.

The people that I have met and surrounded myself with since I’ve been involved with the running community are second to none. They’re always willing to go above and beyond to help someone and they want to see you succeed. Yes, ultras are competitive, but we’re competing against ourselves out there. In this kind of environment, I find that everyone is relaxed, very friendly, and always ready with a smile or a few kind words to help you through those long miles.

I look back on my successes in life, and for every situation I think of, there has always been someone else in the picture that has helped that success come to fruition.

Finding the ones with a fire still burning is ideal, the ones that have a strong passion for life, a passion for something more. All too often in life we settle for what is comfortable, or what others think we should be doing. Instead, we should be comfortable being uncomfortable and we shouldn’t give a damn about what society or others think our lives should look like. So, find the people that will push you to be your best, that will challenge you, and support your ridiculously beautiful dreams.

We’re all on this incredible journey called life, we might as well make sure the people we surround ourselves with are bettering our lives and feeding us with positive vibes. So I ask you, who in your life inspires you to be your best self, to be better, to be stronger?

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.” -Abraham Lincoln

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