2019… One Wild and Precious Life

We’re already two weeks into 2019, and I’m just getting around to sharing some of my thoughts on the upcoming year. I’ve been a bit behind lately to say the least! The snow from our last blizzard is just about melted, and we now have skating ponds everywhere! If I wanted to take up figure skating or hockey, now would be the ideal time to start training 😊

I’ve never been a huge fan of resolutions. I don’t think they’re necessarily bad, its always good to have a goal and the beginning of a new year is always a good motivator. However, I don’t think a person needs to wait for the new year to roll around in order to get after a dream or goal. It’s like I’ve been saying in some of my recent posts, live in the moment and make the most of today; if you want to do something, start now!

I have found sustainable happiness in ultra-running, and with that, I hope to make 2019 my best year of running and racing yet. Besides this happiness, I have also found an incredible community filled with numerous individuals that have impacted my life in such positive ways! I look forward to meeting more like-minded people in the next 350ish days 😊

This coming year I plan to travel more. Travel brings experience, and I feel that experiences are often the most significant thing in this life. Experiences are more important than luxury cars, a designer purse, or any other materialistic thing that will eventually become meaningless. This world we live in is mind blowing, and I want to see as much of it as possible.

Most everything in this world is fleeting if you think about it. When our time here is done, you take nothing with you. With that thought, I want to go forward into 2019 focusing on my legacy, the lasting impact I can have on other’s lives. I want to lead a life that will inspire others.

Our expiration date is unknown, and we need to remember to live between now and then. Focus on the things that really matter, focus on the good in people. Make sure you bring some good friends along for this wild ride called life. This year remember to surround yourself with good people, friends who make you laugh, those who will support and help you achieve your dreams, without expecting anything in return, people that inspire you.

Challenge yourself to do one thing this year that scares you. Whether it be something to do with running, your professional life, your personal life, whatever it may be, step out of your comfort zone.

Settle and compromise less in life, in work, love, or truly living out your dream. This is your life, and the world is yours to have. Don’t let someone else’s prescribed timeline interfere with your plans, be courageous and take that leap forward in 2019.

Go forward into this year with an open heart, give more than you receive, and believe in the best in each other.

“Tell me… what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver


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