1,874 miles later, 2018 comes to a close

New Year’s Eve is here, and I hope you all have much more exciting plans for the evening than myself. I think I’m going to cut loose and venture to my nearest grocery store (an hour drive) to finally get groceries for the first time in two and a half weeks. I also might really live on the edge and stop for some Chinese takeout for Sage (my canine) and I to enjoy over a bottle of champagne:)

This past year has been a year full of lessons. Some were more painful than others, but they all left me with a greater understanding of who I am and what truly matters in life. I learned not to stress over closed doors behind me; new doors are constantly opening as long as a person just keeps moving forward. I learned to move on and be happy where God has placed me at this point in my life. It’s important to just take a moment and enjoy where you are, because believe it or not, these moments we’re living in are pretty great.

A few of my biggest accomplishments this year was completing the Bighorn 52 miler, becoming an RRCA Certified Level 1 coach, starting this blog and Sandhills Endurance coaching.

The Bighorn 52 miler was easily the most difficult undertaking that I’ve experienced in my 29 years of life. Both mentally and physically, I was pushed to the edge, and somehow I was able to finish those 52 grueling, muddy miles on that cool June day. That race showed me how powerful the human mind really is.


On a whim, in August, I traveled to Vancouver to become a certified RRCA coach. I think I bought my plane ticket the week before the course, something very out of character for myself as I usually plan quite a ways out and rarely make last minute decisions. But that one decision gave me the opportunity to meet a fantastic group of individuals and see a part of the world that I might’ve never experienced otherwise. It also led me to starting this blog and Sandhills Endurance. These two things are my most notable accomplishments of 2018. I wanted to start blogging for some time and also share my passion of running with others and help them accomplish their running goals. Finally taking the steps to make these plans a reality was easily one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Many people impacted my life over this past year, but there are a couple that particularly come to mind. My running coach, Kenzie Barlow, impacted my life by having continual, unwavering confidence in me throughout some running lows I dealt with. She also continued to inspire me by living life to the fullest as she moved to Ireland for an experience of a lifetime with her family for the year. Laura Field, one of my best friends, greatly impacted my life by being my rock when I felt like my world was crumbling around me. Her compassion and understanding were, and continue to be second to none.

2018 taught me to slow down, and just enjoy life, quit rushing and worrying. These moments we are living in are so fleeting. Life is about the adventures, the people we have in our lives and the many different people we meet along the way. It’s about the experiences, not the hours worked. It’s about helping others and feeling joy as others around us succeed.

As usual, 2018 didn’t go exactly as planned, just like every year before 🙂 But I’m learning that plans are for the birds and I just need to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Here’s to 2019 and everything it has in store, cheers!

“And now, after everything, I know this: there is a reason I am here, and that reason is bigger than me. So I will carry on with great faith beyond what I can see, in pursuit of bold courage on the adventure of the journey.” -Morgan Harper Nichols



3 thoughts on “1,874 miles later, 2018 comes to a close”

  1. Happy New Year friend! That’s a lot of miles on your feet but the most distance you crossed was in your mind. I see a completely different person than when 2018 started. What a year you’ve had. Congrats.

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  2. You are a rock, and I’m happy to be one of the pebbles in your larger and supportive quarry! I am so, so grateful I know you! This is beautifully written by an incredible soul. Gal pals to the end, my friend! Highs and lows–we got this! Thanks for being you!

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